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Welcome to SimulAide

The information you provide when using the SimulAide simulation tool, together with certain basic criteria, make it possible to assess whether you would be eligible for last-resort financial assistance.

Please note that SimulAide cannot be used for legal interpretation purposes and that it does not replace the provisions of the laws and regulations in force. The information in SimulAide does not have force of law. It in no way constitutes a final decision regarding your eligibility for last-resort financial assistance and cannot be taken into account in the review process.

Only Québec residents are eligible for last-resort financial assistance from the gouvernement du Québec.

Please read each question carefully before you answer it. You can go back to a previous question at any time. For additional information about a term or expression, click on the applicable term or expression in the sidebar.

SimulAide is subject to Emploi-Québec’s privacy policy.